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The Killing Pact

The Killing Pact

The Killing Pact

Hayley Udall tries to make a decent living for herself and her 14 year-old little girl while giving support to an awful ex. She wishes her issues with her ex could leave, and after venting her disappointments one night, gets herself tangled up in a settlement with two individuals (Melanie and Kevin) to “dispose of” each other’s issues. It appeared to be blameless pie in the sky thinking some time recently, yet as individuals wind up dead-including Hayley’s ex Hayley is caught to satisfy the settlement or hazard accepting any consequence for kill. She tries to demonstrate her innocence however the police (drove by Detective Marks) is peering toward her for her ex’s demise and others. At that point Melanie snatches Hayley’s girl as use for Hayley to finish and slaughter one final individual. With Detective Marks attempting to discover reality, Hayley must rush to spare her little girl and figure out how to stay away from kill.

Duration: min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.1