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Raaz Reboot

Raaz Reboot

Raaz Reboot

Rehaan declines to trust her. After a month, while on a business trip, Rehaan gets a distracted call from Shaina asking for offer assistance. She is discovered stayed in a pay phone in a rustic region. Evidently, she had gone there to visit a visionary. Furthermore, henceforth, the story juggles forward and backward with reference to what plagues them and what drives her to the perceptive. The nearby cleric can’t do much about it. The phantom knows the minister’s past. Thus, a visually impaired Indian understudy examining Psychometry in Romania enters the diversion. At that point, enters Aditya Shrivastava (Emraan Hashmi, Shaina’s previous beau) to save his woman adore from the malevolent soul. Aditya has some peculiar feeling about every one of the occasions occurring in Shaina’s life. He offers to help her to battle the spirt and free his woman cherish from all the agony she is experiencing. In spite of the fact that, Shaina doesn’t trust him at initially, certain arrangement of occasions influence her to trust that the soul has a remark with her better half Rehaan

Genre: Horror


Actors: ,


Duration: 128 min


IMDb: 4.5

Raaz Reboot