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Chief Rahul Jain presents a private, attentively depiction of the cadence of life and work in a massive material processing plant in Gujarat, India. Traveling through the halls and guts of the gigantic and disorientating structure, the camera takes the watcher on a trip to a position of dehumanizing physical work and extraordinary hardship, inciting cause for pondered tireless pre-mechanical working conditions and the enormous gap between first world and creating nations. Since the 1960s the territory of Sachin in western India has experienced extraordinary, unregulated industrialisation, exemplified in its various material production lines. MACHINES pictures just a single of these manufacturing plants, while in the meantime speaking to the a large number of workers working, living and enduring in a situation they can’t escape without solidarity. With solid visual dialect, essential pictures and precisely chose meetings of the specialists themselves, Jain recounts an account of imbalance and mistreatment, people and machines.

Genre: Documentary


Country: , ,

Duration: 71 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.5