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In the primary film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), kin Sally and Franklin Hardesty go out with their companions to examine the victimizing of a neighborhood graveyard keeping in mind the end goal to ensure their granddad’s grave has not been damaged. They cross paths with Nubbins and in the long run whatever remains of the Sawyer family, coming full circle in Leatherface’s slaughtering everybody in the gathering aside from Sally. Leatherface and Drayton bring Sally into their home, expectation on murdering and eating her. She escapes by bouncing out of the window, with Leatherface and Nubbins close behind. She figures out how to escape Nubbins, who is keep running over by a passing truck. At the point when Leatherface touches base on the scene, the trucker tosses a pipe torque at him, making him fall in reverse and cut into his leg with his own cutting tool.

Genre: HorrorThriller

Director: ,

Country: USA

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.1