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A fourteen-year-old Dalit kid (Soham Maitra) is experiencing childhood in an anonymous corner of India. His fantasy is to go to a town school like his senior sibling (Riddhi Sen) and his world is to take care of the pig that his family claims. His lone escape is to sit on a Jamun tree and revere his darling (Ena Saha) going by on her bike. His implicit love is as valid as his mom’s weakness who cleans the cowsheds of the neighborhood brahmin’s manor, with whom she additionally has a mystery contact. At the point when the kid’s senior sibling goes ahead a get-away to the town, he soon gets some answers concerning his more youthful sibling’s fascination. The scholarly senior sibling influences him to understand the need to express his affection and encourages him compose an adoration letter.

Duration: 88 min


IMDb: 6.6